Result Oriented Monitoring

Subcontracting several ROM and ROM Blending missions for Particip GmbH. Monitoring several projects of EIB and EBRD in the framework of EU Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) Facility. Result Oriented Monitoring collects information on the performance of projects and programs throughout their implementation and on their results at output and direct outcome levels through monitoring and reporting on implementation as well as more in-depth assessment of implementation issues through mid-term project evaluations where needed. It also provides with In-depth assessment of both results at outcome and impact levels, and of sustainability of the projects and programs and their value added, through individual final or ex-post project evaluations to take place at the end of or after project implementation. Particip GmbH has a framework contract with the EU for sending out ROM experts in order to talk to the various partners and beneficiaries.

We did ROM mission in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia and visited some 10 banks and over 20 of their customers (farmers, shops, manufacturers) and their various projects in the period March 2018 – March 2019. To be continued under the next Commission.